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If you’ve ever thought:
“I’ve always wanted to work in Japan!”
“I want to work in a Game or IT company in Japan!”
“I want to work on Anime, Manga, or Games in Japan!”
Let’s make your dreams come true!
japanese language


  • 1. All you need is a SmartPhone or a PC
  • ● When attending a lecture via smartphone, you’ll need to download our App on the Apple Store or Google Play store. When attending a lecture via PC, you simply need to login to our website.

    ● All of the contents of a course can be downloaded to your personal device. You can download contents wherever Wi-Fi is available, and study on your own time in a location of your choosing.

    learn japanese

    learn japanese
  • 2. Video Lessons Made by Professionals for Fast and Easy Learning
  • ● Educators who have passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test, a Japanese language teaching qualification, and have a wealth of teaching experience at Japanese Language Schools provide easy to understand explanations by video.

    ● Videos are typically about 15 minutes long and are only viewable by students of our school. At the end of each video there is a comprehension test, so you can instantly check your degree of understanding each lesson.

    ● Out of 130 Educator applicants, we chose only 5 based on their education history, work history, and total amount of experience. We also considered other vital aspects of a good teacher: knowledge of vocabulary, personality, passion towards teaching, and how they program and progress through each course.

    ● By downloading a video, you can watch it as many times as you desire, even in environments with no access to the internet.

    ● The main flow of studying are laid out in the following 3 steps:
    1. View a video course
    2. Complete practice problems
    3. Take a practice test

    japanese language
  • 3. Personalized Guidance from Your Own Teachers
  • ● We believe that as you continue studying, you will eventually encounter something you don’t understand. When that happens, you can ask an unlimited number of questions, at any time, to our support team composed of professional educators.

    ● Students are separated into groups. Each group of students is assigned a support team consisting of 3 professional educators.

    ● We regularly hold online group meetings (via Zoom). By participating in these meetings, you will have the opportunity to practice speaking with a Japanese educator.

    ● Please feel free to ask about any information related to taking the JLPT to our support teams. We are always glad to offer a wide variety of advice.

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  • 4. A Curriculum Focused on Passing the JLPT Exam
  • Our curriculum applies the most effective learning methods derived from a thorough analysis of published papers on the matter. While you will naturally master simple greetings and conversation, that alone is not sufficient to pass the JLPT. To pass the JLPT, the ability to answer Grammar and Reading problems which apply the real-life JLPT format is essential.

    ● We researched 20,000 questions which frequently appear on the JLPT in order to develop our original questions, and so 93% of our students successfully passed the JLPT.

    ● In order to pass the JLPT with as little time investment as possible, our questions are constructed in the same format as the real JLPT exam. Our research team analyzes past questions from the JLPT and common trends to identify possible future questions. We update our teaching materials daily to maximize your results in as small of a time frame as possible.

    ● Our original teaching materials are based on over 200 collections of test problems and real testimonies from students who have taken the JLPT.

  • 5. Free Job-Hunting Support (For Work in Japan)
  • ● We have received great praise from recruiting companies that students graduating from our program have exceptionally high skills in Japanese. As such, we receive a high level of scouting requests from various companies. We offer to introduce students who graduate from our program to interested companies at no charge.

    ● After completing a course, if you’re interested in free job-hunting support, please contact us. A job-hunting counselor will search for job opportunities based on the area you want to work in and the type of work you are interested in.

    ● Even after you find a job, we will provide follow-up support up until the time you enter Japan, so please feel free to ask any number of questions.
  • 6. You can Learn about Game Development (Not just Japanese!)
  • After passing the JLPT, you may enroll in one of our Game Development Curriculums, FOR FREE! "Unity Course","UnrealEngine4 Course","AI Course","VFX Course"(Limited to one course).

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  • 7. Most affordable, straightforward pricing
  • Everything listed above is included for the price of $168
    ● An online course designed to help you pass JLPT N5 or N4 within 90 days
    ● Includes a personal mentor
    ● Free job-hunting support for finding a job in Japan
    ● Free course in Game Development

japanese languagelearn japanese

Our Team
We’ve been developing IT services and games for many years, and have created a game creating community which transcends national borders.

We discover talented creators and engineers,
provide them an environment in which
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